The 21st Century Community Learning Center is offered to all students in grades K-12

Welcome to the DASD 21st Century Community Learning Center Home Page

Hello students, parents, guardians and community members!

From March of 2020 until May of 2021, the After School Program operated remotely. Students, parents, and teachers did a fantastic job of making this format a success, as participation was high, and learning opportunities were abundant. We now know that we can proceed with a successful program in that format if the need arises.

Moving ahead, we are returning to an in-person program the way we originally operated. We are looking forward to productive academic opportunities, enrichment, expert guest speakers, homework help, and of course, a lot of fun learning experiences!

The Tabs on this site include:

eReading- Website links that cover a variety of enjoyable reading topics

In the News- Several links to news sources for everyone in the family

STEAM Resources- Links focused on specific STEAM activities to do at home

Contact Us- A way to reach out to the Program Director, Tom Tatone

REGISTRATION- An easy to complete form to get you enrolled

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